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This is an english translation of the text “Affiliate – The Gathering” originally posted in Swedish. I have translated it because I was accused of trash talking a competitor . As this text is the “worst” I have written about the competitor and as it is linked to it I decided to make a tranlation to English.

You need to know this: I don’t trash talk people. I prefer to make people laugh to create social engagement. Most important is that I blog much and joke much to clear my mind after I have worked hard. It gives me more energy to continue to work hard with the real stuff. Simplified,  I work hard at least 4 days a week and clear my mind the 5th day. If you reduce it to whining, bitching and ranting you won’t learn a thing. My blog and project has made me quite known in the Swedish SEO-community where my work and blogging is mostly appreciated. It is about marketing myself and my project. It is a part of a bigger test to see if it pays to strictly follow the Google guidelines. Yes, I joke about anonymous sites, I joke about crap sites ranking, I joke about Hitler freaking out for missing to register a payday loan site.  I even laugh at myself creating this stuff, BUT I NEVER JOKE ABOUT REAL PEOPLE and I never join forces when other does.
This article will probably make you understand more about who I am and what “trash talk” we are talking about here without having to dig into deep in the background. I say it again: anonymous sites that are based on spam are to be joked about, but not persons, which was never my intention.

PinocchioI have created a simple game for two players.  Before the game starts each player have to choose between two classes.  Each class has different strengths and weaknesses. Let me introduce you to the game “Affiliate – The Gathering“.

Why this?  Well, this post had from the beginning a real reason to be. A competitor in the payday loan business wrote a lengty post which could be summarized something like “What really happened?” when his site dropped from the results for the biggest payday loan queries. My oppinion is that it is a 100% fake question, because he already knew the answer. I knew it, as I have blogged about his way of working several times before, however without outing him. And just don’t  think it is right trying to mask something as “helpful/instructive” when it is obvious why the site disappeared. If that wasn’t enough it was later pushed on #svSEO on Twitter which made me:


Anyway. This will not be a complete flaming of his post as I find it uneccessary. It will easily get personal even if you don’t want it that way. It’s business, sort of. I couldn’t decide if I was just easily annoyed, as it felt like he copied my own project Smslå but with false intentions. However, any person are free to blog so I skipped it. I guess I have already made enough affiliates in the payday loan industry annoyed enough. :-P

The moral of the story

However, the moral of the story was someting like this:  You can choose your way of working as an affiliate. You can work with quality and you can work with shady methods and don’t whine when everything crash. I chosed to lighten the mood in the end and even if I don’t publish the original post, maybe this pedagogical game will explain what I am trying to say. ;)

Play “Affiliate – The Gathering”

Chose your path and face the consequences! If you have chosen shady ways of working (represented by the class “Denier”) to get visibility you can not whine and play not guilty if you lose. That’s the rules, just continue to read.

White Hat SEO“Messenger Boy”

Class Description
Is working with quality to such a degree that he almost mix up Google with Swedish Law. Messenger boys affected by “the etchical plague” are almost not aware of the fact that their responsibility is to their customers, not Google.

Ethical plague can cause the messenger boy to act irrational which can trigger the “Mortal Sin“. (See explanation of “mortal sin” below.)

Strength: Will develop a natural heavy armor over time if you let him grow strong. Perfectly played messenger boys will sometimes develop the special skill “Immortality”.
Weakness: Will start the game in poverty and only has 10% strength compared to the class “Denier”.
Favourite Weapon: Big mouth.
Special Attack: Ability to paralyze it’s competitor with talk and babble.
Mortal Sin: Hypocrisy
Favourite Drink: Coffee latte
Favourite quote: Something like “Content is king”, “Don’t write for the robots, write for the users”, “If you create a good site the links will follow” and more.
Starting Position: At mom’s place.

Black Hat SEO“The Denier”
Class Description

The Denier is living his life with the motto “money above all – work by energy”. The Denier, even though he always choses to put quality as last priority, always try to make it sound like his work is really important. A Denier doesn’t like to talk about his job but always reveal his best tricks when he gets his favourite drink (See below.)
Strength: The Denier will start the game with a treasure chest instead of  wallet.
Weakness:  Anonymity. A Denier lives his life with other Deniers and are most often unknown outside his own village. 
Favourite Weapon:
Russian Attack Link
Special Attack:
301 Dodge Punch.
Mortal Sin:
Favourite Drink: Pina colada.
Favourite Quote: “I link, therefore I am”.
Starting Position: Outside Sweden. If a Denier stays too long in Sweden he may be affected by the curse “thin wallet“. (The tax in Sweden is at least ~50% if you run your own company).

This was two of the main characters in “Affiliate – The Gathering” and if you have to choose class above, well, then I guess I am a “Messenger Boy”
I think the person I blog would be a great messenger boy if he just wanted too…:-P


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