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My answer to ’How I successfully trolled myself out of Google’

Today, a response to my ”Dear Mr. Cutts”-blog post was published, a post that killed a competitors spam network. It is an interesting read, but there are two sides of the coin and interesting things are mixed with things that I definitely not agree with mostly about who I am and what my project is. So here is my answer to the blog post How I successfully trolled myself out of Google and destroyed my entire affiliate business written by my competitor who got totally destroyed by the ”Dear Mr. Cutts” post.

The following are written as a complete answer to the blog post linked above. If you want information about my payday loan project and site I give you that too.

First, you have really good reason to link to my ”Dear Mr Cutts” blog post but instead you chose to link to a tweet. Which is one click away from the story that show my point of view and what spam we are really talking about here. I’m really sure you know about nofollow so that would be a good start to give more insight to your post. That frustrates me as it feels like the intention with the post is strategy more than being totally honest.

Every coin has two sides and here is my answers to things I think is wrong in your story, a story which overall is interesting and well written but is skewed to support your version (if you ask me).

Things I reacted negatively to, and my answers two them


My answer: The only place where you can find your name in my blog is…. NOWHERE in my blog. I write about your site(s) several times, yes, I agree to that, but I don’t name them. And I don’t name you.  Only people involved in the business can figure out which site it is but generally: no, I didn’t out you that clear. Also, I never called you names and I would definitely not call you a ”greedy douchebag” as I know that I have never used ”douchebag” in my whole life, People who have followed my project in Swedish or know me in person know that. How could I call you names when I didn’t mention you in person even once? The first thing I did when you dropped was quite the opposite.

Which means: ”Sorry man, nothing personal. You have my respect for ugly SEO 24/7”.
To the readers: To understand the picture above you must know that most spam sites had animal names like paydayloanpig.se, paydayloanfox.se, paydayloanrabbit,se etc at that time. The only site left was a goat. 🙂

And more important, that was after you revealed yourself as the person behind all the sites. You wrote the first post on Twitter which could be connected to you as the person behind the sites. I replied to this tweet:

Which means: ”This is exactly how I feel right now”, ironically linking to a movie named ”Pet Cemetary” (which is btw funny). And thats true, the slaughter is yet to come, but hey:  you KNOW that rankings based on 100% risk is actually 100% risk, nothing less,  so if you say everything is cool, then please don’t send mixed signals.

Every time I used a bad word it was used in a humorous way, not mentioning your name or exactly which site I was talking about. When thinking more about this, did I ever use a bad word when mentioning even an anonymous person? I use some bad words now and then but most often to try to make the text easier and more funny to read.

My blog posts about your sites is  not in any way ”countless” (4). You make it sound that I focused on trash talk only while in fact I spent most of the time working on a good project. Your sites where anonymous. It was extreme spam sites even if you could focus on one site and make it great. My intention was to show regular people what is actually possible to accomplish with focusing on the site and less on links. The thrash talk you refer to is,  at it’s worst,  written in a humorous way and never mentions you. Of course I hoped that those sites I talked about would drop, like any webmaster do when spam ranks. Most trash talk in my blog are targeting other sites than yours.

An example of ”outing”:

I used this image below that could be connected to you, but only if people already knew who you were and knew about your site which involve the word ”king”, but in Swedish. It was published in the  blog post. ”10 when you… gifs in SEO” and the text for the picture was ”When the site Google filtered out several times always comes back.”:


My guess when you say I called you a ”greedy douchebag” is that you base your oppinion on this comment I made on a reply to my ”Dear Mr Cutts” post. But hey, that’s the last comment, after this program Lånesnoken.se I programmed run amok and you got destroyed. After 1.5 years of blogging. The comment linked to is also a response to an anonymous person. My answer is more an opinion about spam sites in general and the fact that I have to deal with anonymous haters at the moment Posting anonymous comments are weak and cowardly and my answer to that comment were made under these circumstances. In my opinion anonymous comments  could be replied to with less respect. Since anonymous is nothing there is nothing to respect either. As soon as you put your name on something, on the other hand, you deserve to be treated with respect even if you are of a different oppinion . My apology if you took that personally. Really, the comment was not about you, but I understand it seems like that because that page is all about your sites.

Btw,  I actually censored my comment a little bit earlier. Before the last paragraph I had this word as a separate paragraph: Wanker.

I laughed hard when writing it as it was so well placed and really made  my answer to the previous comment quite sick in a funny way. However, I realized it was over the line so I removed it. I guess you shouldn’t play with bad words too much in other languages. What is really funny here can be a big insult for another, and I base that on the anger my comment made on the person I replied to…

Some countless posts (hmm, let’s see: 1,2,3…4! TOTALLY Nailed it!):

Here are the posts about ”you” in my blog. Please try to find your name, you won’t. And you won’t find any domain names either I call you ”a competitor” at it’s best. If you find something – please tell.

I also have this spam summary section http://simonnystrom.com/sokmotoroptimering/spam/ which is talking a lot about spam sites. Problem is, only one of the four links above is listed in there. I only speak about your site in one post. And as I said, I don’t out you in that post. You more or less chose to out yourself more than necessary I have to say.

But I get what you are aiming for: getting a story. Because that is the only way of working in this business if you want to go white hat and getting links. But the story shouldn’t be more important than the truth. That is called ”blackhat social media” and is very, very, very dangerous if you want to rank well. (sorry for the joke.) The most natural would be to give my project some creds, which I understand you don’t want to because you got hit hard. Well, you give some creds but there are way more words like bitching, whining, and ranting. And because of that my reaction.

Look at it this way: if it wasn’t for me you would probably never have any thoughts about all about starting to work with a white hat project. My project is more or less forcing other sites to be better. Really. There is much more than bitching and whining in my story and I hope some SEO:s realize that, otherwise we are all f*ucked. When I decided to give 3% to the Child Cancer Foundation a payday loan company chosed started sponsoring sport events for kids (!?). If they actually do – I don’t know, but at least I’ve saved receipts for my transactions.

This actually gives me more hate than benefits. It’s a strange world when people are ”annoyed” by this. I can agree that it shouldn’t be pushed too hard and used as a way to get to the top in rankings, but you must know that I was already number one when I chosed to do this, just because of this reason.

In the end, I am doing loads of work, not always perfectly related to payday loans but I still prioritize the site and I try to do my best and be the best alternative. Always.

Apart from that, yes, I outed you ridicilously hard in the end but that was when you have laughed ridicilously hard to the bank for a very long time and then finaly decided to go completely insane, wallpapering Google with pigs, foxes, rabbits and more. All with identical themes and content. It’s good that you realize that yourself.

”Bitchin and whining”

First. Let me show you this, cut from your blog post:


There is more ”personality targeting” in this first post of yours than in my posts. And then a link to this Tweet where you involve Jonathan which is not even involved in my project at all:

Here is the original Tweet. I did never mention Matt Cutts, it was sent to him. Yes, it was in my  plan of course but he would not react on this if he hadn’t a very good reason of course. This is my original tweet. Jonathans tweet with 1 favourite looks a little bit weak! 😉

Which results in this:

Read and respond

I don’t see the reason to start blogging and start your story with me and Jonathan as the main characters in your first blog post in combination with ”bitching and whining”, I don’t even know Jonathan more than on Twitter and he has nothing to do with the business at all. He is a guy on Twitter, living in Finland and active in #svSEO who are interested in what I tried to accomplished and accomplished. Too bad your story is more focused on ”bitching and whining” instead of the fact that the my project is about creating something real in a spammy niche and being the first affiliate chosing to doing so. Your blog post misses in fact the whole point of my project and it seems like you are mostly interested in diminishing the value of my projects if our bff Matt Cutts comes by to read your story.

But I want to correct myself. Off course I understand why you write like that. You were completely pulverized and it is your story. But if you wanna start from scratch and build your story I think it would be better to start completely clean and forget the past. At least not talking about bitching, whining and ranting so much because that is what people using veiled threats on Twitter use (And your sites were extremely annoying, which made you kind of asking for it.)


My site is both good and created with good intentions. You say that ”everybody work like this (spam)” in this niche but that the intention with my site was to be the opposite of all that. You  make it sound that my site/project is about whining and bitching when in fact I am the first person that is the first not anonymous affiliate in the payday loan niche and reached the top without breaking the Google Guidelines and also attracts natural links. The site is good and so is the story and intention. It is a project worth noticing. I wanted to show people what is actually possible if you work hard your a** off and where bitching and whining is definitely not the main part for success. SmslånOnline.se has a reason to be in the top.

Youtube Videos


Actually one Youtube-video? (Two if you count two different language versions).  My videos are  more of the funnier kind and included in the post I sent to Matt Cutts.
Here it is. I guess this gives my view of this statement.

Worth checking out! 🙂

My worst post

As I see it, my worst post about ”you” is this http://simonnystrom.com/affiliate-the-gathering/ which isn’t even talking about one of your affiliate sites but is reacting on a story you wrote to play innocent earlier and launched it in #svSEO on Twitter. You tried to involve people into trying to help you with ”analysis of why something happened to your site” when you know 100% what happened. What happened is that you worked quite the same way with that site. That is my worst post if you ask me, but it didn’t mention you or your site. I thought is was just not right trying to involve people with analysing your site when the short answer was that you where building crazy links and that you well knew that answer (considering the blog post you just wrote and you actual skills it’s no doubt you knew the answer yourself). It also felt like you tried to copy me, but with false intentions and your latest post actually gives me the same feeling. But if I am gonna police blogging as a way of ”copying me” that would also be a very strange thing. Just… don’t say stuff that isn’t really true and is about me please.

I think I wouldn’t even care answering your post if you didn’t put it in #svSEO on Twitter where I have posted since January 28th 2013 and built some kind of reputation. Of course I have to answer to that.



Well. I work exactly the opposite. That’s the moral of the story. I have one site. I rank because I am not ”everybode else”. But I agree that almost all people work the similar way more or less in the business. But as you said yourself – you did it in in an extreme way and Lånesnoken.se would never exist if it wasn’t for that, croatian and danish people…



I think people would have an easier task to understand what this is about if you linked to my original post to Mr Cutts.  I link to your story but you don’t link to the story that you based a big part of your article on. The problem is also that you write in English and I write mostly  in Swedish. People will get your version but not my full story. I link to your story, you don’t link to mine. I target people in Sweden, you give your story in English. Complicated!

Your story starts out by targeting me as a private person and post it on #svSEO where everybody knows who I am? (Maybe it is good they know who I am in this case though…)  Even if not using my name I am easy to find through the tweet link. Isn’t that much worse?

I can’t say this was actually your intention with your blog post. I don’t generally try to find bad stuff about people the first I do and I don’t think you are that kind of guy either. However, there seem to be some hate (maybe just content strategy) hidden in your post, and as you are targeting me (not very openly) with your post it is a possibility that this hate will grow. I blogged about some of your sites, not about you. The first time your name was mentioned was not in an editorial post. It was through whois-information which was found by the program I built and then on Twitter, posted by you.

Nobody, including me,  thinks you are a bad person and if someone talked sh*t I would probably tell them to just shut up and that it is only business. Just the way you responded to the anonymous hater who delivered veiled threats to me on Twitter. I can distinguish between business and personality and you overall seem like a nice geek. Sorry, but that is meant as a positive thing.


You said you are not involved with the attacks. Fine. I have never accused you. But I could give you my point of view. And I say to other readers starting to read here, read everything below this headline otherwise you get the wrong version.


Your fellow SEO geeks include at least one person who was the first to attack my site with negative SEO and I could PROVE he was behind it. There is a blog post about this but I don’t want to out him again as it is a long time ago and is now ”forgotten and forgived” . The same thing again: I don’t enjoy outing people, I do it when things get ridicilous and I prefer to talk about sites in first hand, not people.

I can never accuse you of being behind the attacks but as you chosed subject. I know this:

  • If you compare link growth when the biggest attacks happened it matches perfectly the time when you ranked #2 and I ranked #1.
  • You know the guy that I proved was behind the first negative SEO attack. You both live in about the same place (on Malta everywhere is on the same place) and he is one of the ”fellow SEO geeks”. I know you are more or less close friends and I also know many of your sites and the SEO methods.
  • Neither you or that other guy knew about my blogging when this happened and that my audience where pretty big even back then. My blog was more or less discovered by ”the fellow SEO colleagues” after I caught the one doing negative SEO.
  • When your sites got slaughtered by Google this other guy’s sites start to rank immediately, then dropped again. Problem is,  this guy didn’t rank that good before you got slaughtered but increased exactly as fast in rankings as you used to do. Then the site quickly disappeared again. And now you start to blog instead…

With fast increase in rankings after you got pulverized I am talking about this:

Sudden increase

Update 2014-05-14: Okey. So now this  ”fellow SEO colleague” who attacked me with negative SEO has made it to the top instead. I have found these sites in his network so far.

Yes, it looks suspicious but I can’t say it is you and to be honest – it doesn’t matter any more.  It could be a ”friendly negative SEO attack” just to help you out but I am pretty sure that if I could choose 4 people freely I would get the right person and this person doesn’t live in Sweden. He is a ”fellow SEO colleague” of yours. I am 100% certain I would succeed in choosing the correct person if I got 4 attempts.

Most important is to not accuse one that is not guilty so until then: free beers for you. My site survived, that’s what is important for me. We also got a lesson that Google disavow tool roxx and Big disavow tool suxx. (My sites rankings are totally destroyed in Bing).

You wanna know one more thing. Even if the circumstanses above doesn’t look good I am still convinced that another guy, no names, actually did it and used you and first spammer as a perfect opportunity to strike. I can say that he probably is a ”fellow SEO colleague”. And I will never ever reveal his name as I can’t prove it. Methods, friends, shady neighbourhoods… I’m almost like Google.

Creating trust – my oppinion

What I don’t understand is that you make it sound  that anonymous sites should rank as well as sites where a real person and company is behind the wheel clearly putting an effort into creating something real. Of course not being anonymous will be the better choice long term. Bad stuff and haters are anonymous, we have already seen this. Anonymous is not yet a factor in the search algoritm in Sweden but it has a lot to do with quality in real life. Anonymity is weakness. Visibility long term is to create something that has a reason to be and can defend it’s reason to be in any discussion long term. My short version is that my site is much more of  a brand that an  affiliate site can be in the Swedish payday loan business at this moment. And that is thanks to the way I chosed to work which is much more than just bitching, whining and ranting even if your version of what I do is quite the opposite.

I can understand that. You need a story, start from scratch, I owe you that in some way. And I wouldn’t care if your first post, your version, wasn’t about me and posted on ”my turf” #svSEO on Twitter.  I will let you work with your future projects, leave you alone and wish you success, for real,  as long as you don’t put a payday loan pig as #1 for payday loans in Sweden.

Affiliates are lousy programmers


That is true. Most affiliates doesn’t know. But that doesn’t mean everything is about automation and killer programming. Affiliate business is very simple, the hard thing is to be trustworthy and updated. How the f*ck can it be hard to be honest?! Well – the truth is it seems that it is ridicilouslylsyslyssyyy (how do you spell that word again?) hard for most people. It’s just strange.

That you are way better than the average affiliate I already now but ”you were doing it wroooooong!”.

My respect

I have nothing against stroking your ego a little so let’s go.

With all said in this post I want to say that I have all respect for you in an ”SEO way”. You know a lot about SEO and programming, d*mn you can even write! However, I think that you listen to other people in the SEO business too much and are thinking usability and trust too little. Because that is what I say all the time: the future belongs to developers and great services and products. Great, honest things without anonymity and I have thought several times why the heck did you waste all your potential on spam? My guess have since long been that you are a good developer. Also, you like me realize the real potential of SEO is working with the best services or products so I wish you good luck with that if you choose to do so.

The future also belong to extreme spam but I just showed the weakness with that if you really, really want to remove that bull****. What the heck, I’m pretty sure even the spammers are sitting in their ”dark caves” reporting other spam sites frequently.

We both agree to ”don’t hate the player, hate the game”, that’s good.
Let’s keep it this way. I know one thing: SEO is not something that defines personality but in the end trust is decided by our actions and methods of working by other people and Google and that is why it is so easy to kill spam sites.

I have tried to check my post so that I don’t write in a way that makes you look like a douchebag. I hope I succeeded in making my point. All in all: I don’t target you as a person, but your ways of working before you got hit.

I will stop here, say cheers and wish you all the best! For this time. Really, neither of us want to end up like this blogger:


And readers who like to read about this drama could use this code on their website:

<div style="width: 300px; margin:0 auto 0 auto;padding:10px; border: solid 1px; border-color:#eee;border-radius:4px;-moz-border-radius:4px; background-color:#FC6;">
 <p style="font-size:14px;margin:0 0 5px 0;"><a href="answer-to-how-i-successfully-trolled-myself-out-of-google" target="_blank">Nice guys get follow</a>.</p>
 <img src="https://simonnystrom.com/goodguy.jpg" width="142" height="50" alt="Good guy" style="border-radius:4px;-moz-border-radius:4px;">
 <p style="font-size:14px; margin:0 0 5px 0;"><a href="http://sebastianjohnsson.com/successfully-trolled-google-destroyed-entire-affiliate-business/" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Trolling guys get nofollow</a>.</p>
 <img src="https://simonnystrom.com/badguy.jpg" width="67" height="50" alt="Bad guy" style="border-radius:4px;-moz-border-radius:4px;">

By doing so I nice badge is generated on your blog, looking like this:

Nice guys get follow.

Good guy

Trolling guys get nofollow.

Bad guy

By the way, the above code is intended as a joke.

Check out my payday loan site here (Swe): http://smslånonline.se
Check out the whole trip here (Swe): http://smslånonline.se/resan-till-toppen-inom-smslan.php
Follow the project blog here (Swe): http://simonnystrom.com/smslan-i-google/

Payday Loan English Smslån i Google

Dear Mr Cutts – is this the way to get your attention?

gospam[ Update: This has been noticed and responded to by Mr Cutts which means there is no reason to ping him. But please share anyway! Two days after I wrote this, Google took action against the network.There is also a followup on this post which is an answer to the person that got hit and I have the whole project explained here.]

Dear Mr Cutts,

I did as you told me. I chose to play fair. You tell me content is king. To use social media.To be viral. That the best service will win. That you look at all this stuff. That this is the only way that counts and that people shouldn’t focus on links.

  • I have worked full time for more than a year now. Since January 28th 2013 to be correct. I am always striving for site improvents. To be the best alternative.
  • I built the best price comparison site. The functionality is good and most important of all: it is correct. I know everybody say that their site is ”the best”. In this case I hope I am not blinded by bias. I doubt.
  • I work in the ”hated” payday loan business. This doesn’t mean that you can’t create something better of something that is considered morally wrong by most people. One way, as I saw it, was to be totally transparent with what I work with. To create something new. I flash my name Simon Nyström and company Språksam AB with everything I do. Where people would blush just by admitting that they work with payday loans I actually is quite proud of what I accomplished. I am not proud that people maybe get in trouble sometimes, like they do for many other things in the society, but I am proud of the fact that I at least try to make things better and that my work paid off.
  • I am in contact with most companies. As I am transperent with how the ratings are set, most companies realize that if they communicate with me they can affect ratings – but only if they find things that are in error on the site. I.e, they can only make the site more fair by communicating with me. If they offer me more money, well, that’s nice, but it will never affect the ratings more than 10%.
  • Only 1/10 of the rating is based on the commisson I get for listing the sites. 3% of all revenue (without any substraction for costs) is given to the Child Cancer Foundation in Sweden. I think that is a good reason to rank companies that pay well a little bit better. And of course I tell my visitors about this. Again, transparency.
  • By the way I actually attracted those impossible natural links by being open with what I do through my project blog. Funny is, my choice of doing so was in the beginning news enough to create natural links. That was pretty cool by the way. Nice feeling. What was also cool is that it kind of worked.
  • Did I mention that my site is the only one that has actually created real social shares in the Swedish payday loan business? Once again – because I stand for what I do. It is easy to see that all other comparison sites are dead. They are anonymous. They don’t blog. They don’t get shares. They don’t exist and aren’t for real. They are not what I would describe as ”honest”.
  • This means I create both natural links and social shares. Let me put it this way: there are no single affiliate out there getting natural links than me in the payday loan business. I guess even the brands have a hard enogh time getting any natural links. Because: They usually don’t exist. Actually I think my site has more natural links than any single brand or affiliate. I guess I am some kind of brand then? Or?
  • I have written about 50 000 words, then counting the project blog only. It has been shared. It is quite popular. By the way, my 733 followers on Twitter are actually mostly generated through my site SmslånOnline.se. (<– By the way does this link have to be nofollowed? I think it is 100% relevant and should not be nofollowed. Ah, what the heck, lets give it a nofollow in this case just to make 100% sure you don’t think I  wrote this post only to put a link.) Twitter(!) got my followed link. That kinda sucks! *Doh!*
  • I regularly check my site and competition to stay ahead. The functionality has to be better than my competitors. I make things happen.
  • I got attacked with some thousands domains link from negative SEO because a spammy competitor realized that my comparison site would probably stay in the top as it started to rank well. That was a blow for me. However, I have to say – your link disavow tool rocks and Bings disavow tool suxx! (I don’t find the possibility to add one domain at a time in Bing very appealing which made my site COMPLETELY DISAPPEAR IN BING. I have 4000 domain links in the Google Link Disavow Tool and I managed to survive thanks to this I guess.
  • But If you aren’t yet sure I try to do my best I have to tell you… I got quite angry at those people trying to sabotage my hard earned rankings so I put up my own spam finding service Lånesnoken.se, just to spot spam networks and find  mass produced sites in the business. Some sort of revenge without doing negative SEO myself. I found loads of them!!!
  • Did I mention that I don’t use any kind of template? Everything is programmed from scratch. The control you get when building things from scratch is an advantage. This site does exactly what I want.

In fact. I am quite happy that I chose this ”fair way” of working. Because I rank and it made me a little bit known in the industry. For not saying: very well known in the payday loan business. In that way I guess has branded myself quite well. Problem is that the people breaking every rule you have in the webmaster guidelines always rank the best in Google Sweden. Always! When you penalize one spammer in top position it is almost immediately replaced by another almost exact copy of the previous one with the same owner and stay there for several weeks. Anonoymous sites with bought links,  false recommendations or sites that lives only through snapped domains transformed into bogus blogs only used to link to the money site. I mean this: the bogus posts are so bad you actually want to punch someone in the face when you are finished reading. You succeed in penalizing sites spamming after a while, but it most often takes several weeks and then you just pick the next site from their network of sites and push it to the top. It is almost a little bit embarassing. What you are telling people in Sweden right now is: ”It is good to work with quality but spam will always be our number one priority”. I know you have different quality for different niches but anyway: this is bad.

Lately, the Swedish payday loan business has been like a zoo, dominated by a spammer using animal names for many sites. Like this:

Welcome to the zoo

Dear Mr Cutts, do I have to tell you that the person behind these results are the same? There are also,  monkeys, elephants, foxes, sows, piglets, hogs (he is really a fan of those pig names!) jumping around the index, more or less making Google look stupid. Here is the full spam report. I found 65 sites but I’m quite sure they are more.

I made you a ”Hitler reacts” video for this.


Before showing you the following picture I want to add: I really like Google. But sometimes it gets really, really frustrating when you tell that honest work pays off and you really give the cash to the spammers. Can’t you just please kill of some networks in Sweden soon? Like this guy. Because as I see it you are right now breaking the spirit of the wrong guys. At least in Sweden.

Dear Mr Cutts, don’t be angry because of the following picture I am about to post or this blogpost you are already reading. It is mostly meant as a joke and as an attempt to fix things to the better. I guess they are people more than me that  are pretty tired of this guy ranking. Below you’ll find the 65 sites with same owner I found in Google for the 5 payday loan queries I have examined. With comments. This guy ranks #1 in Google.se. Some sites are used as main sites and some are just in the link network. Comments will tell.  You can also check things yourself by following this link.

Dear Mr Cutts – happy hunting! I’m sure that you will find more networks sites that I found myself with my own spam finder service. 

Best regards,
Simon Nyström
Owner of SmslånOnline.se A.K.A Doing-Everyting-Correct-But-Is-Getting-Beaten-By-Sites-Put-Up-In-Some-Hours-Spamming-Like-Crazy.

P.S. Mr Cutts. The person below switched his theme to pink now. I think he just sh*t his pants. D.S

Dear Mr Cutts

Update to the readers: If I and the person behind the sites above can agree to put an end to our ”fights” I don’t see the reason why you wouldn’t. With that said,  anonymous hate will be flamed in the same way as in the below comments, made by ”Mr Wanker”. It was not my intention to attack this guy personally but to attack the methods used. It still is. So if you want to put an anonymous comment below, make it short, because it is a big possibility it will not be published. And if it is hate – get ready to ble flamed in a hopefully funny way.