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Dear Mr Cutts – is this the way to get your attention?

gospam[ Update: This has been noticed and responded to by Mr Cutts which means there is no reason to ping him. But please share anyway! Two days after I wrote this, Google took action against the network.There is also a followup on this post which is an answer to the person that got hit and I have the whole project explained here.]

Dear Mr Cutts,

I did as you told me. I chose to play fair. You tell me content is king. To use social media.To be viral. That the best service will win. That you look at all this stuff. That this is the only way that counts and that people shouldn’t focus on links.

  • I have worked full time for more than a year now. Since January 28th 2013 to be correct. I am always striving for site improvents. To be the best alternative.
  • I built the best price comparison site. The functionality is good and most important of all: it is correct. I know everybody say that their site is ”the best”. In this case I hope I am not blinded by bias. I doubt.
  • I work in the ”hated” payday loan business. This doesn’t mean that you can’t create something better of something that is considered morally wrong by most people. One way, as I saw it, was to be totally transparent with what I work with. To create something new. I flash my name Simon Nyström and company Språksam AB with everything I do. Where people would blush just by admitting that they work with payday loans I actually is quite proud of what I accomplished. I am not proud that people maybe get in trouble sometimes, like they do for many other things in the society, but I am proud of the fact that I at least try to make things better and that my work paid off.
  • I am in contact with most companies. As I am transperent with how the ratings are set, most companies realize that if they communicate with me they can affect ratings – but only if they find things that are in error on the site. I.e, they can only make the site more fair by communicating with me. If they offer me more money, well, that’s nice, but it will never affect the ratings more than 10%.
  • Only 1/10 of the rating is based on the commisson I get for listing the sites. 3% of all revenue (without any substraction for costs) is given to the Child Cancer Foundation in Sweden. I think that is a good reason to rank companies that pay well a little bit better. And of course I tell my visitors about this. Again, transparency.
  • By the way I actually attracted those impossible natural links by being open with what I do through my project blog. Funny is, my choice of doing so was in the beginning news enough to create natural links. That was pretty cool by the way. Nice feeling. What was also cool is that it kind of worked.
  • Did I mention that my site is the only one that has actually created real social shares in the Swedish payday loan business? Once again – because I stand for what I do. It is easy to see that all other comparison sites are dead. They are anonymous. They don’t blog. They don’t get shares. They don’t exist and aren’t for real. They are not what I would describe as ”honest”.
  • This means I create both natural links and social shares. Let me put it this way: there are no single affiliate out there getting natural links than me in the payday loan business. I guess even the brands have a hard enogh time getting any natural links. Because: They usually don’t exist. Actually I think my site has more natural links than any single brand or affiliate. I guess I am some kind of brand then? Or?
  • I have written about 50 000 words, then counting the project blog only. It has been shared. It is quite popular. By the way, my 733 followers on Twitter are actually mostly generated through my site SmslånOnline.se. (<– By the way does this link have to be nofollowed? I think it is 100% relevant and should not be nofollowed. Ah, what the heck, lets give it a nofollow in this case just to make 100% sure you don’t think I  wrote this post only to put a link.) Twitter(!) got my followed link. That kinda sucks! *Doh!*
  • I regularly check my site and competition to stay ahead. The functionality has to be better than my competitors. I make things happen.
  • I got attacked with some thousands domains link from negative SEO because a spammy competitor realized that my comparison site would probably stay in the top as it started to rank well. That was a blow for me. However, I have to say – your link disavow tool rocks and Bings disavow tool suxx! (I don’t find the possibility to add one domain at a time in Bing very appealing which made my site COMPLETELY DISAPPEAR IN BING. I have 4000 domain links in the Google Link Disavow Tool and I managed to survive thanks to this I guess.
  • But If you aren’t yet sure I try to do my best I have to tell you… I got quite angry at those people trying to sabotage my hard earned rankings so I put up my own spam finding service Lånesnoken.se, just to spot spam networks and find  mass produced sites in the business. Some sort of revenge without doing negative SEO myself. I found loads of them!!!
  • Did I mention that I don’t use any kind of template? Everything is programmed from scratch. The control you get when building things from scratch is an advantage. This site does exactly what I want.

In fact. I am quite happy that I chose this ”fair way” of working. Because I rank and it made me a little bit known in the industry. For not saying: very well known in the payday loan business. In that way I guess has branded myself quite well. Problem is that the people breaking every rule you have in the webmaster guidelines always rank the best in Google Sweden. Always! When you penalize one spammer in top position it is almost immediately replaced by another almost exact copy of the previous one with the same owner and stay there for several weeks. Anonoymous sites with bought links,  false recommendations or sites that lives only through snapped domains transformed into bogus blogs only used to link to the money site. I mean this: the bogus posts are so bad you actually want to punch someone in the face when you are finished reading. You succeed in penalizing sites spamming after a while, but it most often takes several weeks and then you just pick the next site from their network of sites and push it to the top. It is almost a little bit embarassing. What you are telling people in Sweden right now is: ”It is good to work with quality but spam will always be our number one priority”. I know you have different quality for different niches but anyway: this is bad.

Lately, the Swedish payday loan business has been like a zoo, dominated by a spammer using animal names for many sites. Like this:

Welcome to the zoo

Dear Mr Cutts, do I have to tell you that the person behind these results are the same? There are also,  monkeys, elephants, foxes, sows, piglets, hogs (he is really a fan of those pig names!) jumping around the index, more or less making Google look stupid. Here is the full spam report. I found 65 sites but I’m quite sure they are more.

I made you a ”Hitler reacts” video for this.


Before showing you the following picture I want to add: I really like Google. But sometimes it gets really, really frustrating when you tell that honest work pays off and you really give the cash to the spammers. Can’t you just please kill of some networks in Sweden soon? Like this guy. Because as I see it you are right now breaking the spirit of the wrong guys. At least in Sweden.

Dear Mr Cutts, don’t be angry because of the following picture I am about to post or this blogpost you are already reading. It is mostly meant as a joke and as an attempt to fix things to the better. I guess they are people more than me that  are pretty tired of this guy ranking. Below you’ll find the 65 sites with same owner I found in Google for the 5 payday loan queries I have examined. With comments. This guy ranks #1 in Google.se. Some sites are used as main sites and some are just in the link network. Comments will tell.  You can also check things yourself by following this link.

Dear Mr Cutts – happy hunting! I’m sure that you will find more networks sites that I found myself with my own spam finder service. 

Best regards,
Simon Nyström
Owner of SmslånOnline.se A.K.A Doing-Everyting-Correct-But-Is-Getting-Beaten-By-Sites-Put-Up-In-Some-Hours-Spamming-Like-Crazy.

P.S. Mr Cutts. The person below switched his theme to pink now. I think he just sh*t his pants. D.S

Dear Mr Cutts

Update to the readers: If I and the person behind the sites above can agree to put an end to our ”fights” I don’t see the reason why you wouldn’t. With that said,  anonymous hate will be flamed in the same way as in the below comments, made by ”Mr Wanker”. It was not my intention to attack this guy personally but to attack the methods used. It still is. So if you want to put an anonymous comment below, make it short, because it is a big possibility it will not be published. And if it is hate – get ready to ble flamed in a hopefully funny way.

7 svar på ”Dear Mr Cutts – is this the way to get your attention?”


Get a life, don’t you have better things to do other than writing and reporting networks? let’s be honest, you don’t care about Google’s guidelines, all you care about is your website staying #1 so you can still profit from it.

It could have been much worse, that’s for sure, and you would have known that if you did some research on your own and had followed the project from start. If you knew all I know about this business and project you would understand I could have flamed much more.
Care or don’t care? I don’t say that the webmaster guidelines must be followed, but I chose to do so because I know how much good work is underrated. To be honest – I hate when people doesn’t even try to be honest. Build your links, I don’t care, but don’t be so GREEDY. And don’t bullsh*t people that are already desperate. They need a payday loan ffs, why make it worse? This project is all about showing people what IS possible. Seriously, there are so many lazy bastards out there who doesn’t even try but always says it ”isn’t possible” and only care about their own wallet. Of course it isn’t possible if you can’t f*cking write and only create bullsh*t pages and only care about yourself.


I can honestly say that I enjoy my #1 ranking. Do you think that is something I should feel ashamed for? Get a life.

[Edit: This comment is about anonymous spam in general, not the person behind the sites above. I chose to target sites, not persons. The word ”wanker” has been re-inserted by request of MW above. My comment in full is explained here: http://simonnystrom.com/answer-to-how-i-successfully-trolled-myself-out-of-google/ This comment is a response to an anonymous person and is more an opinion about spam sites in general and the fact that I have to deal with anonymous haters at the moment. Posting anonymous comments are weak and cowardly and my answer to this comment were made under these circumstances. In my opinion anonymous comments could be replied to with less respect. Since anonymous is nothing there is nothing to respect either. As soon as you put your name on something, on the other hand, you deserve to be treated with respect even if you are of a different oppinion .]


Who are you to judge what is bullshit and what is not? I believe you know nothing about finance and your educational background is not even close to that field, so what makes you think your website has beneficial information?

Let’s face it, would you have spent hours analysing page 1 results for a keyword like Sms lån and report spam websites? NO. You are only doing so because you are in this niche and are afraid of losing your rankings and income (which makes you in for the money, not user experience, otherwise remove these affiliate links?)

PS: Very happy that you called me a wanker, I will not go down to your pathetic level, but I hope your comment will stick just so others can see how unprofessional you are.

Really sorry for removing the word ”wanker” which you seem to miss already, MW. It is back again when I realized you also got upset when I removed it and had to go to the blog belonging to the person above to gossip about that. As I explained in my post here http://simonnystrom.com/answer-to-how-i-successfully-trolled-myself-out-of-google/ it was more or less intended to be funny but what is funny in one language can be a great insult for another. So I removed it. I have to admit I laughed hard about it as it made the comment sick in a funny way. I also wrote in that post, anonymous persons are actually to be joked about. You are anonymous, which means you are not targeted as a person, but I am, every time I write someting. Every time I write something I take the consequences, and that includes my main site if there is something wrong with it. You don’t, you just carry on to the next blog, whining like a child. Which means you are a coward, but I am not and it is OK to joke about you. Do you live in Fjollträsk?

I inserted the word ”wanker” again, as you suggested.

With that said, it is obvious that I was wrong using the word ”wanker” and I apologize that I forgot ”Mr” in ”Mr Wanker”, Mr Wanker. You totally deserve it, Mr Wanker.

And if you still don’t get this joke. MW (anonymous) = Mr Wanker. That’s obvious now.

This comment is deadly serious.



Wait, let me get this straight: You laughed hard on something you wrote yourself? You need to Google “Psykiater Umeå” 🙂

Let’s cut the crap, we’ll meet in SERPs and you better be prepared to accept defeat. I look forward to see your next whining post on how you got outranked.

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