Reinclusion request 1: Smslå

This is the first reinclusion request sent after my payday loan site got wiped. It turned out to be a manual action and I will use it as a  reinclusion request study. Please follow the link to ge all the updates on this one.

My reinclusion request:

Major problems (fixed):
Problem 1:
Each review page contains a link to the best regular price for loans 1000 – 10000 SEK for tab 30, 60 and 90 days.
Recently changed their prices which resulted in 10 x 3 x ~25 = 750 links to their review page as they had the best ordinary price for everything.
I have removed these links (left logo pictures as I find them helpful). I actually took a payday loan myself to check that this price was correct. I realized the possible problem but thought it was safe and useful. I was probably wrong.

Problem 2: About the same time as when the prices above changed I began installing a forum. As it was completely new it added a lot of junk pages. I also imported RSS from my blog where the user could read the intro from the latest blogs. This will probably count as duplicates  (even though I am the author of both). The intention was good, the result not so good.
I have removed the forum and will find  another solution. It will be hard to get activity anyway.

Problem 3:
I have a function to make it possible to close down payday loan companies if they misbehave. Resons are given for the visitor and there was a link saying “please  choose another” payday loan for review pages affected. However, much text looks similar which could be a problem. As I ranked for their brand but didn’t give the  visitor a way of clicking to the payday loan company if they was closed down and that could be seen as doubtful. I have changed this completely. If a company is “shut down” I publish a short text: “This payday loan is longer active (and give a short reason for this) Do you want  to visit the site anyway?”. The function overall is quite important because there are companies not always behaving very well.  
Example: http://smslå

Medium problems (fixed):
Over time a  site grows. I have added a dynamic jQuery, JSON, PHP, mySQL slider that will load most prices instead of the following pages:
I have redirected these pages to a summary page slider instead: http://smslå

Minor problems (fixed):
Problem 1: I used jQuery for all review pages which made a nice looking “slide out” for H1 for each page. I wanted that dynamic feeling. Possible is you see this as hidden h1? I am not sure but I removed it and made the pages more static, including the home page.

Problem 2: Even though it should be pretty clear who I am, both of they way of working and that I am very active in social media I added the company adress and phone  numbers to the contact page http://smslå

Problem 3: http://smslå was from the beginning a different page. I is now stripped down as I wanted to remove information that 3% of the sites income is given to Swedish Child Cancer Foundation. People think I used it to aquire rankings but actually I chosed to donate money when I was number one already. Interesting how that can bring more hate than benefits.

This page has been replaced with http://smslå which is a good explanation of the project.

Probably not a problem (but fixed):
– I linked to “sources” of information on trusted sites. However, when I checked them I realized they wasn’t the original source.
I am cleaning this.

I am exposing some helpful articles on the home page more clearly:
– The swedish law about payday loans: http://smslå
– Common “ugly stuff in the business”: http://smslå
– An article about getting rid of debt: http://smslå
+ of course information to people to not take any loans if they don’t can afford it.

Before cutting and/or improving more
Before I start to cut on the review pages I want to explain how IMPORTANT correct and useful information is for me. Smslå is not the regular affiliate site. Actually, what I have been telling people the latest 2 years (well, 1,5 years at least) is that you can beat spam in this business with correct information and by being totally open with what you do. Following this rule myself is of utmost importance for me.

The overall ratings are based on ten parameters explained clearly on this page: http://smslå
Payment is only 1/10 of the overall rating. I have a lowest payment requirement for getting listed which is very low. Companies in the business that can’t pay 100 SEK for a new customer doesn’t deserve a listing, simple as that. Money doesn’t decide the top ranker but if someone pays 450 for a customer I have to be fair with them which means I need a minimum requirement.

The price list are not affected by the overall rating so in the end I give fair recommendations and true overall ratings. they are automatically updated when I change a rating in the admin. Everything is recalculated automatically and I explain for the visitor how they should interpret the overall rating. It just decide the listing (and trust of the company), it doesn’t  necessarily give the best price. I give a higher rating if a company is a member of SKEF (10% boost) which is a Swedish Trade Association within payday loans working for customer security, satisfaction and more control of the business (short explanation).

Actually companies are impressed by the quality leads I give them.

I created a tool that summarized spam in Sweden for (smslån) and I also got Matt Cutts attention on this. I hope this post and the changes above show that I have chosen to be on Googles side with my fight against spammers:

Even more clear here, where I explain my intention of working:

I’m hoping for your trust in me because I am on your side for real. I always fight for improvements and I am totally against spamming. This manual action gave me a punch in the face. If I promise to keep improving the site even more, will you let me in again? I would say anyone who have followed my project know my fair
intentions. I also have an employee now, checking that all price information is correct.

Hoping for the best and your understanding.

Simon Nyström
Språksam AB

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