Reinclusion Request 2: Smslå

This page is part of my Reinclusion Case Study for a payday loan comparison site. If you are a reader – please read – if you are Google, please read that link and visit even more often…

Dear Manual Reviewer,

1. Since the first request I found a lot more fixes that could be made.
I have already sent you these updates:

2. VERY IMPORTANT please read carefully.
Another site that has made negative SEO at me since long is now cached with my content! If I check cache for Smslå I see! Could that be the reason you flag me as being a copy cat? Please read this for more information:

3. The following  changes have now also been made to the site:


*** Fixed tabs which could be seen as ”thin content”. All review pages contained tabs 30, 60 and 90 days. If a payday loan company didnt offer a loan for the specific tab (days) then each loan was given ”-” as data. This could probably look like thin content as this was repeated on many pages. I have fixed these pages so they now only print out tabs for the prices they actually have. It should be much clearer now and this was actually a fix that was in the pipe since earlier.

*** Updated, fixed and relaunched the mobile app of the site. I had this since before but there was a glitch so it was down for a while. It’s works correct now and is also improved. See it on home page.

*** The slider on the home page now only lists the top best regular prices (3, not a horribly long list). Instead I added a note in the end of the list that tells the visitor that if they want to check all prices they can visit the page ”priser.php” which is a complete list of prices for all payday loans on the site – on it’s own page.

*** Shorter listing in sidebar. I only list 5 rated payda loan companies in the sidebar instead of ~25.  There is a link to a subpage if they want more information.


*** Fixed price information on review pages. Replaced ”-” with ”Erbjuds ej” which means it is easier to understand. (It means that it is a loan not available, previously you maybe thought that this wasn’t checked at all and was empty data and therefore a thin page. It wasn’t.

Improved review pages (free offers exposing): some companies have free offers for new customers. If company have a free offer it is now very clear which loans are without costs or not. Example: http://smslå Better usability.

*** Fixed home page, removed toplist in the intro. Navigation to important pages better exposed. This results in fewer ”ads” and a more clean and navigation oriented site. It is important to mention that the overall ratings are real – not the fake kind of stuff, clearly explained on this page: http://smslå

*** Updated page smslan-betalningsanmarkning.php. The text is improved quite a lot and give more in depth information. Removed old picture which was quite ugly and childish. Removed the big listing taking up all space and made a floating list to the right of the article text. It’s better now as the content is more helpful while at the same time the user get the information about companies matching the article.

*** Improved design for smaller lists and summary lists. Ex: http://smslå Doesn’t interrupt reading now.

*** Fixed review article texts for kreditkontot.php and kortlan.php that were missing.
Added link to project blog in sidebar. Should make it way more clear I am more than a thin an affiliate. I have blogged ~50 000 words about the business.


***Fixed home page, removed 7 reasons to choose Smslå Text moved to subpage instead.

*** Fixed daypay.php, missing text made it look like an empty duplicate page.

*** The rating summaries on review pages in the top of the pages now contains smaller texts and click buttons, avoiding pushing content to far down on the page. The intention of this div is to make it totally clear where to go if they like the price as they don’t have to serach for it (as they see it the first thing they do).

*** Updated year in footer which said ”2013?. Stupid miss. Updated.

*** smslanaren.php 301 redirect to expresskredit.php. The company ”Smslånaren” changed and switched to ”Expresskredit”, I kept the page to keep traffic. Now removed.

*** Removed page Euroloan.php. Yes, it is thin and was inactive. But as they recently changed product I was thinking about launching it again as it seemed to fit the site better. Never mind. Gone.

To do:
– Fix all review pages. I use a tab for the review. I think it is good for usability. However, I guess you may see this as trying to hide content? It wasn’t just thought it was useful and were playing wuth jQuery. I will trim these reviews and make them visible without tabs.
– I’ll add Youtube videos on how to use the tabs and how they should interpret things.

(I will probably do this even if you reinclude my site again.)
Next planned: I had a plan to let companies blog on my site to give their view of the business and come with updates but I’ll put that on hold until I know. I guess I just want to tell you that things were planned.

.If you want to follow more updates I make to the site I will put them here so you can check (below header improvements):

Please check Sites are actually stealing my content now. I hope this is not lowering my chances. I have worked for 1,5 years full time with this, trying to do something better of the business. Seeing that someone else is cached with MY HOME PAGE is not fun, I promise.

With that said. I hope you see my intentions with the site and that I have a chance to be reincluded. At least this made me speed up site improvements and resulted in a better site.

Best Regards,
Simon Nyström
Språksam AB


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