The hands AI never want you to see

Have you ever wondered how good artificial intelligence really is at depicting hands? Despite AI’s ability to generate fantastic images and designs, the technology still struggles to make fingers look natural. In this article, I will take a look at why AI faces problems with depicting hands and present some fun examples of how it can go wrong. Join me as I explore the bizarre world of AI and hands!

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Challenges for AI in accurately depicting hands

Complexity of hands

A major challenge in accurately depicting hands is their complexity. Human hands are much more complex than other parts of the body, as they have many different muscles, joints, tendons, and bones that must be accurately recreated to reflect a realistic image. This means that AI must have extreme precision to reliably recreate hands, and this is something that is often difficult for AI to achieve.

Complexity of motion

Another problem that AI encounters when depicting hands is the complexity of motion. As humans, we perform many different movements with our hands, such as snapping our fingers, clapping our hands, or making various signs. To accurately recreate these movements, AI must have a deep understanding of how hands move and the relationships between different parts of the hands. This is something that AI still struggles to achieve, making it difficult for AI to accurately depict hands.

Complexity of light and shadow

Another challenge in accurately depicting hands is the complexity of light and shadow. It is difficult for AI to accurately recreate the details of hands, as light and shadow can subtly alter the appearance of hands. AI must be very precise to accurately recreate the details and also take into account the changes that light and shadow can have on the appearance of hands.

Some creepy ghost stories about hands

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A woman walks along a quiet and deserted street late at night. She hears footsteps behind her and when she turns around, she sees a little boy walking towards her. He looks to be about 4 years old, but his face is pale and his eyes are far too large for his face. The woman feels a sense of unease and begins to walk faster, but the boy continues to approach her. When he is only a few steps away, he suddenly reaches out his hands…

Pojke med konstiga händer

A man walks alone through a forest, on his way to his cabin. He feels uncomfortable and notices that it is far too quiet around him. Suddenly he hears the sound of someone knocking on a tree. He looks around and sees a girl standing behind him. She looks to be about 5 years old, with messy hair and dirty clothes. The man asks if she is lost or if she needs help, but the girl just stares at him with large, empty eyes. The man takes a step back and in that moment she reaches out her hands towards him…

Flicka med konstiga fingrar

A woman walks alone through a dark forest at night. She hears the rustling of the trees and suddenly feels alone and afraid. Suddenly she hears footsteps behind her and turns around, but no one is there. She keeps walking, but the footsteps continue to follow her. She begins to run, but the footsteps continue to follow. Finally, she stops and when she turns around, an old woman is standing in front of her. The woman suddenly reaches out her hands…

A man stands alone on a dark and deserted street. He sees a woman walking towards him. She is beautiful and elegantly dressed, but something eerie about her makes him unable to stop staring. Suddenly, as she gets closer, the woman reaches out her hands…

Kvinna med konstiga fingrar

A young woman sits alone on a deserted beach and looks out over the sea. She feels an unpleasant eeriness in the air and turns to see a man walking towards her. The man has a pale complexion and dark, empty eyes. As he gets closer, he suddenly holds out his hands…

A man walks alone along a dark street late at night. Suddenly he hears footsteps behind him and when he turns he sees an old man approaching. The man looks emaciated and his hair is disheveled and gray. As the man gets closer, he suddenly holds out his hands…

Gammal man med konstiga händer

The safe card – hide your hands

It’s common knowledge that artists often have trouble painting hands, and it’s becoming pretty clear now. There is an instantly nicer result if I ask the AI-generated model to kindly but firmly keep those disgusting hands away from my face:

Kvinna med dolda händer Man som döljer händerna

However, there is no doubt that AI can create art, albeit perhaps more visually attractive, and perhaps more for illustrative purposes than pure works of art. I guess one or two readers have already raved about how good it can actually be.

AI-konst: Två själar som möts

Here I take a little walk inside my own head:

Taking a walk in my own head.

Future challenges: AI and hand imaging

Current techniques

AI researchers face challenges when it comes to imaging hands. Currently, various techniques are used to try to recreate hands in 3D. These technologies include facial recognition, the use of 3D scanners and the construction of virtual hands. Research has also shown that the use of multiple cameras and advanced algorithms can improve results.

Future solutions

Future solutions to the problem of hand imaging are likely to involve both increased data volumes and improved machine learning. For increased data volume, companies can collect more data to improve results. For improved machine learning, companies can use advanced algorithms and increase the complexity of training data.

Another possible solution is to use artificial intelligence to improve the physical system. This could enable new advanced technologies that can analyze and recreate hands more accurately.


AI researchers face challenges when it comes to imaging hands. Currently, various techniques are used to attempt to recreate hands in 3D, and future solutions may include increased data volume and improved machine learning. Artificial intelligence can also be used to improve the physical system and enable new techniques to recreate hands accurately.

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