AI and Tarot

I’m Testing ChatGPT for Interpreting Tarot Spreads

An Experiment: ChatGPT Takes on Tarot

Tarot card

For those who may not be familiar, ChatGPT is one of the most advanced AI models from OpenAI. I was curious as to how this AI would handle the complex and nuanced world of tarot reading. The outcome of this exploration was a tarot reader that uses ChatGPT for its interpretations. You can experience this yourself: Free Tarot Reading.

When I started this project, I had certain hopes but no major expectations. I mainly wanted to test working through Chat GPT’s API to learn a bit about how it works and what is possible. But the end product actually exceeded my expectations. The tarot reader was not just ”good”—it became fascinatingly good. The interpretations were deep, insightful, and accurate. Not to overstate my belief in tarot, which was mostly a fun thing, but the result underscored the incredible potential of AI when used in innovative ways, especially when it comes to the speed of creating programming solutions for simpler programs.

Image Creation with Midjourney

It took quite a while, but since I wanted a unique and original tarot deck for this, I took the time to generate all 78 cards in the AI image program Midjourney. I also included a picture of myself as a starting point – good luck finding it! 😉

Programming and CHAT GPT: Ask the Question, Get the Answer!

With the right query, ChatGPT can become your best friend in the coding process. Instead of digging through hundreds of forum threads or skimming through documentation, you can pose your question directly to ChatGPT. For simpler programming solutions, this can save you hours of research. Do you know what question you need to ask? Then the answer is just seconds away.

This is particularly true for web programming in general—if you can ask the question, you can often get the answer. The downside is that it might be too easy—so it can also happen that you become blind to programming errors and ask instead of manually checking for potential inaccuracies in the code. Unfortunately, it can lead to laziness.

AI Raises the Standard for Quality

In an era where AI technology is becoming increasingly accessible, the standard for digital services is being raised. Average tools and text-based websites are no longer enough to stand out as an affiliate. The AI tarot reader at can be seen as an example of this new standard. It is not just an online service; it is a combination of the technology of the future with an ancient tradition.

Posted in Projects on november 6, 2023